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May 1st, 2018

Tech Companies
+ Branding 

The power of emotional attachment in consumer marketing is evident, but why do technology and engineering-based companies in the BtB sphere only focus on what they deem to be rational elements in their marketing? Why do leadership teams dominated by engineers so often refuse to take emotional brand attachment seriously
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November 11, 2017

Knowing what you need to know 

Understanding which core competence is at the heart of your company’s value creation, is one of four areas where strategic thinking is necessary to grow.

In one of my jobs, I headed a small investment fund that over five years analysed 300 companies and invested in five...

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November 11, 2017

Does Culture matter in Business?

If you lead a company that plans to grow in export markets, I want you to think hard on whether you have the answer to this question: “How do you prepare your company for entering new cultural environments and your managers for good communication with customers, partne...

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